Paschal Candles 2018

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At present, we are experimenting with a new technique for our Paschal Candles so this year, we are offering a design we used some years back which proved to be one of the most popular. We have updated it to ensure the images and colours are more modern and vibrant but its symbolism remains the same.

The design features the traditional elements of the Alpha, Omega and the year 2018, superimposed onto a beautiful Celtic Cross. The cross, with its circular background and endless knotwork, spirals and patterns, symbolises God’s unending love for humankind and the salvation won for us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The colours of the design are in rich tones of red, green, gold, yellow and blue, all of which proclaim the new life and joy of Easter.

The bands which surround the top and bottom of the candle also feature Celtic knot work and golden flames. The words on the bands echo the great proclamation from the Easter Vigil: “Christ Our Light” (top band) “Thanks Be to God (bottom band).



Candles are available in beeswax or white.

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PAC1 - Cross with Bottom Band

PAC2 - Cross without Bottom Band

Sizes: 6x3" / 9x3"


A. Alpha Omega
9x3" / 12x3" / 6x3"
B. Cross
9x3" / 12x3" / 6x3"
C. Celtic Cross
12x3" / 18x3" / 9x3"
D. Resurrection
12x3" / 18x3"

The above designs can also be carved on Medium or Large Lanterns.
This is a hollow wax shell with a tea-light inside which shines through the design.


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