Paschal Candles 2016

Design for 2016 paschal candle 2016 Paschal Candle

Artwork by Dorothy Woodward rsj


During this past year, in the midst of another disaster somewhere in the world, this poem by Warsan Shire appeared on Facebook:

"later that night
I held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole
and whispered
where does it hurt?

it answered

Having witnessed events occurring around the globe, in our own country and perhaps in our own families or communities, we can all resonate with the poet's words. Pain, suffering, grief, wars, terrorist attacks, refugees fleeing their homes, natural disasters... all these represent the cross that is so much part and parcel of human life and living. Hurt is felt everywhere.

Into this scenario, Pope Francis shone a light of hope and healing when he announced the extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy... a time, he said, which will usher in a "revolution of tenderness", full of "so much mercy"! This initiative felt like a balm to the soul, a panacea for our wounded planet, a hope for our future.

As we travel through this Year of Mercy, the great feast of Easter will dawn upon us once again to marry these two themes of hurt and mercy. Through the Resurrection of Jesus, all the pain and hurt of the cross (and our crosses) is swept up into the mercy of God who transforms them into light, promise, hope and newness!

These themes lie at the heart of Sr Dorothy Woodward's design for our 2016 Paschal Candle. God's mercy is often described in terms of an ocean, a river, a fountain, a wellspring "gushing forth from the depths naturally, full of tenderness and compassion." (Pope Francis) Dorothy's images invite us to open wide our hands and hearts to receive the abundant mercy of God flowing from the Resurrection of Jesus. We are called to hold it tenderly, hold it lightly, to allow it to wrap round our fingers, weave through our lives and then spill out, spill over, spill "everywhere" into all the places of hurt in our world.

"So, this is the invitation which I address to everyone: 
Let us accept the grace of Christ's Resurrection!
Let us be renewed by God's mercy, let us be loved by Jesus,
let us enable the power of his love to transform our lives too;
and let us become agents of this mercy,
channels through which God can water the earth,
protect all creation and make justice and peace flourish."

Pope Francis' Easter message 2013



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