Ancilla Art Cards

How do I order the cards?

  1. Download this order form and type in which cards you would like to order.
    You can find the card code and/or label in the card gallery pages.
    Note: Remember to save the order form (File > Save) before sending it to us.
  2. Payment can be made by cheque/money order/cash to Abbey Candles
    by credit card by providing your card details to us by phone/fax.
  3. Send us your order form through
    email to
    fax it to 02 42360041
    send it by post to:
    695 Jamberoo Mountain Road
    Jamberoo N.S.W. 2533
  4. For more information call us at 02 4236 0011.

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Jamberoo Abbey

Jamberoo Abbey, Benedictine Nuns
695 Jamberoo Mountain Road,
Jamberoo NSW 2533 Australia

Phone/Fax: 02 42360628