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27 March 2016

Easter Sunday

Rejoice! Happy Easter! There are a thousand reasons for us to rejoice on this day...

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19 March 2016

Jesus On The Cross

Have you ever placed yourself under the cross? What would Jesus say to you?

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12 March 2016

Lent - Part 2

Have you heard of St Therese of Lisieux? What can we learn from the saint's little ways?

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5 March 2016

Lent - Part 1

It's Lent! Are you giving up something for lent? What happen when you give up something for lent? Here is a little wisdom from Sr Hilda for these last few weeks of lent.

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9 January 2016

The Year of Mercy

What is mercy? What can we bring as we go through the year of mercy? Here's Sr Hilda Scott of Jamberoo Abbey sharing few messages you can carry with you into the Year of Mercy.

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9 January 2016

The Empty Room

I had to clean a floor in an empty room at the Abbey a couple of months ago. The room is at one end of the building and since it was work time, no one was within co-ee. The rest of the nuns were all working in silence at the other end...

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25 December 2015

It's Christmas

What are you doing this Christmas? Have you visited Jesus and given Him a birthday present?

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4 December 2015

Blessed are the pure of heart

Listen to Sr Hilda giving a reflection just before exposition of the blessed sacrament in ACYF (Australian Catholic Youth Festival) evening plenary on 4 Dec.

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26 August 2015

God Is Love

“God is Love” St. John tells us and we have many variations on what that might look like and mean. For some it appears as rain watering our lives. For others it conjures up the images of a ...

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2 June 2015

The Farm House

One of the things I really like to do, (and rarely ever do) is to amble along a back road in the country somewhere. Perhaps it is part of my own genetic makeup and a throw back to my droving forebears!

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