Melting Moments


19 December 2015


Living in the canyon for two years whilst helping at our foundation of Our Lady of the Desert, New Mexico, USA, brought home to me just how upsidedown things can be "down under".

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28 November 2015

An Encounter

She seemed to appear from nowhere as she gently touched my arm to gain my attention. Startled, I turned and found myself looking into a face etched with a great depth of pain and suffering.

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7 November 2015

Going Home

The excitement would reach fever pitch once we had changed trains at the junction and boarded the little mail train for the last leg of our journey home. Yes, we were going home!

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24 October 2015

A Snail's Pace

I picked him from the leaves of my gardenia bush and relocated him to the end of the lawn, confident that that was that. It wasn't!

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10 October 2015

Only A Rose

It looked so fragile and vulnerable, thrusting itself up triumphantly amidst the assorted grasses and weeds. I stood in awe of it, marvelling at its existence.

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26 September 2015


Realizing I had left my Grail translation of the psalter elsewhere, I experienced a momentary frustration. It was early morning as I sat down to pray, watching the darkened sky begin to radiate light, a brilliant blood red.

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28 August 2015

From A Distance

Evening shadows had fallen as I dipped my hand into the holy water font blessed myself and stepped into the cloister, glancing out the window as I did so and catching my breath as I saw...

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15 August 2015

The Giving Tree

It seems to have been calling me for almost three weeks now, the camellia outside our refectory. My eyes have been drawn to it each time I pass by on my way to the Church for the Divine Office and...

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11 March 2015

The Kingfisher

A reasonably large cardboard box appeared on the verandah of our craft department one day, a towel draped over the top. What was it I wondered?

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5 March 2015

The Web

Something happened the other day and, fleeting though this moment was, its legacy has plumbed some rather deep places within my heart, leaving a rather sobering, yet not unfamiliar, paradox hovering in its wake.

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~  Everything that lives and that breathes gives praise to the Lord  ~

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