A Word from the Desert


14 December 2013

When I Fall

A monk looking for some guidance encouragement went to Abba Sisoius and asked: ‘What am I to do since I have fallen?’

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7 December 2013

I Am A Beginner

The old men used to say, ‘When you see a young man ascending up to heaven through his own will, seize him by the foot and pull him down, for this is good for him.’

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29 October 2013

Become All Flame

Abba Joseph came to Abba Lot and said to him: ‘Father, according to my strength I keep a moderate rue of prayer and fasting, quiet and meditation, and as far as I can I control my imagination; what more must I do?’

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16 October 2013

How Should I Judge?

One of the marks of the elders was that they did not judge. Macarius, they said, was like God ‘who shieds the world and bears the sin of all; so he shielded the brethren and when anyone sinned he would not hear or see it.’

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21 September 2013

Sit In Your Cell

‘Sit in your cell and it will teach you everything,’ the desert elders said. The point was that unless a person could find God HERE...

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16 September 2013

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

It was said that there were three friends who were not afraid of hard work. The first chose to reconcile those who were fighting each other, as it is said, ‘Blessed are the peace-makers’.

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11 September 2013

Let Him Rest

Some monks said to Abba Poemen, “When we see brothers dozing during the services in church, should we rouse them so that they can be watchful?"

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