A Word from the Desert


24 October 2015


Two brothers by blood went to live in a monastery. One was an ascetic and the other was very obedient. When the father told him to do this or that, he would do it; if to eat in the morning, he would eat.

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10 October 2015


What condemns us is not that thoughts enter into us but...

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3 October 2015

Care Of The Sick

A brother questioned an old man, saying, ‘Here are two brothers. One of them leads a solitary life for six days a week, giving himself much pain, and the other serves the sick. Whose work does God accept with the greater favour?’

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12 September 2015

Know One’s Own Measure

An old man said, “The reason why we do not make progress is because we do not know our own measure...

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4 September 2015

Foaming In The Mouth

A man possessed by the devil, who was foaming terribly at the mouth, struck a hermit-monk on the cheek.

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14 August 2015

Unholy Pleasures

One of the Fathers used to say that some old men were sitting one day and talking of what was useful to the soul.

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1 April 2015


One monk was moved to question the difference between the monk who received visitors and the one who did not: the example he chose was his visit to the austere noble man, Arsenius, and to the reformed robber, Moses.

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3 March 2015

Relax Your Efforts

The Desert Fathers lived a life of continual ‘striving’, but not of taut effort the whole time.

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2 February 2015

Extra Possessions

The Desert Fathers had a horror of extra possessions....

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1 January 2015


An old man said: The prophets wrote books, then came our Fathers who put them into practice.

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~  Everything that lives and that breathes gives praise to the Lord  ~

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