Reflections from Abbess Mary


4 June 2017

Pentecost 2017

Over the past nine days, as we gathered here in our own "upper room", we have sung and prayed the words, Come Holy Spirit. Fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them, the fire of your love.

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28 May 2017

Ascension 2017

Today we celebrate that wonderful mystery of the Ascension of the Lord. I couldn't let the feastday pass without sharing a few words about the figure of Jesus on the cross which is in our church.

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12 April 2017

Holy Week 2017

The words of the beautiful hymn we have listened to tonight, capture the essence of what we have been about throughout the long days of Lent ...

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17 March 2017

3rd Sunday of Lent: Woman At The Well

What makes this world so lovely is that somewhere it hides a well. - Macrina Weiderkehr

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11 March 2017

First Week of Lent: Reflections On Women And Angels!

I had prepared some thoughts to share with you last Wednesday... but that was before I realized I had forgotten my Tuesday appointment with the Bishop! Some of what I had prepared related to last Sunday's Gospel and ...

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1 March 2017

Lent 2017: I will lure you into a desert place

I will lure you into a desert place, there I'll speak unto your heart. There you'll learn the treasures of abandonment, There you'll know I am your God. This is the chorus of the hymn we just listened to and was sung many years ago by Trish Watts....

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27 August 2016

Do I Truly Seek God?

"Does she truly seek God?" This is a question we all know well for we find it in the Rule and we could say that it is our reason for being contemplative Monastics. Benedictines throughout the centuries ...

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25 June 2016

Be Spark-Throwers

I am sure that many of you, like me, "caught fire" yesterday morning when we listened to Paul reading the quote from the book Radical Amazement. "The light of the soul throws sparks, can send up flares, builds signal fires,

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4 June 2016

Reconciliation Week

Over the past week, and including today, we celebrated five significant events which happened to coincide due to our liturgical cycle this year. We celebrated Corpus Christi last Sunday, Sacred Heart on Friday and ...

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7 April 2016

Easter Reflection 2016

I would like to begin with the beautiful Easter greeting from the resurrected Jesus which we are hearing again and again in the Readings during these days... Peace be with you!

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~  Everything that lives and that breathes gives praise to the Lord  ~

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