The Farm


28 February 2015

For everything there is a Season

Earth has its rhythm and its cycles of life and death and the events of this last month here on the Abbey farm have had us living this reality deeply.

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24 January 2015

Sing to the Lord a new Song...

Well here it is 2015, another new year in our lives. There are new hopes, new promises and a whole full year of new chances and opportunities.

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27 July 2014

Touched by your Hand our world is Holy

Just because you haven’t heard from me for a while don’t be thinking that the garden has gone out of production. Far from it! This has been the most productive winter I have ever had and not only that, the garden is beautiful.

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24 February 2014

Bow your heads and pray for God’s blessing

This is the prayer that arises in my heart each morning as I enter the Abbey “Farm” and encounter the sunflowers who are like our garden angels (guardian angels) watching over us as we work, pray and play.

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16 February 2014

“O God, Make all things work for our Good.”

Well after a busy few months in the candle department and in the garden I am back on the air. Sorry for those who have been in wait for the ‘next exciting episode’.

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27 August 2013

God sends out his Word

Well the calendar tells us it is still winter but is it right? Are you tuned like all of God’s other creatures to know what season it is?

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13 August 2013

God be Gracious and Bless Us…

This week I would like to take you up into our rainforest to see both its beauty and challenges. The Jamberoo Abbey site is in a conservation management Echidnat zone within the Kiama Municipal Area.

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22 July 2013

I Thank You for the Wonder...

Just before I walk into the Church for prayer, my eyes are attracted to this little show-off which is just outside the Church cloister window. Here it is blooming with health and colour right in the middle of winter.

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15 July 2013

The Earth is full of…

Hope you have had a good week. I have and so have my feathered companions.

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8 July 2013

Let everything that Loves and Breathes...

Well today I open the pages for you to read into what is so much part of my life here at the Abbey. I want to share with you about the life on the “Farm”.

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~  Everything that lives and that breathes gives praise to the Lord  ~

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