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Natalie Thank you so very much for your prayers for my Mom Sylvia in the past which have helped. Please pray that her lungs clear and she is able to breathe properly again and that all of her respiratory issues are fully healed and that she is healed in time for her endoscopy this Friday. Please pray that all goes well with the endoscopy and that they find the cause and heal her completely as well as healing her ulcer completely. Please pray that her infection gets totally healed and her white blood cell count goes back to normal. Please pray for complete and total healing for Mom and that she is able to live a very long, healthy and happy life. We are so blessed to have her on earth. Thank you again and God bless. 27 May 2018
Trish Dear Lord, Guide and watch over my son Daniel as he walks his difficult path through life. Give him the strength, knowledge and love to find his way, Amen 26 May 2018
Judith Carroll Please find me new suitable apartment 25 May 2018
M I pray for wisdom and vision for my work , please help my time management and not be overburdened with work, so that I can have time to pray and live the fullness of life. Thank you 24 May 2018
Roque Rodrigues Request you to please pray for me, for a strong and mighty anointing and activeness of the Holy spirit and for holy life. I may be blessed with an excellent job with excellent top post, salary, management and day shift soon. 24 May 2018
Sarah Wurtz Please pray for my 19 year old son, John, who is in trouble with the law and who has substance abuse problems. May he return to the Church and get the help he needs. May God allow him to have the minimal penalty with the law and that we as his parents remain strong and his younger siblings remain unaffected. 22 May 2018
estelita lacerna Please include my daughter Katherina that she passed the job exam & job interview she took at Development Bank of the Phils (DBP), may she be considered & hired in the position she applied base on her experiences & skills. May the Lord grant this request according to His will. Thank you for prayer. 22 May 2018
Bernadette Sisters, Praise God, my friend Lyn came home today after 4 weeks In hospital due to complications from chemotherapy. She very weak & will take some time to recover. She still has some way to go yet. Thank you for your prayers & THANK GOD. 22 May 2018
Maria and partner Dear Sirs a few years a go i went to this place, a school in the Asian Continent, and I discover this place besides being a school is a place were a international traffic children related and more, is going on. I know from influent information this situation is already being investigated as such i request your prayers so a man named Sherab do not turn this around and this situation is really discovered and taken care. I believe this is a matter of humanitarian rights and a very deep social problem in wish some have money on behalf of others disgrace. Please pray so all your prayers can not be used and reversed. Pray so this situation is investigated up until the end, and he does not hide and cheat the investigation already in course. Please pray for our safety as this man is a public danger. Thank you! 21 May 2018
Tracye Dockett Prayer request for a good paying job favor grace mercy wisdom for Tracye Dockett 21 May 2018
Eddie Please pray I get completely out of this trouble without going to jail are prison I haven’t hurt anyone are done violence just got myself into trouble I’m very scared for my family and myself 20 May 2018
karen Cross re:garden, is it indeed possible to live at our ABBEY,Two daughters and myself ,a poolel and love of GOD, garden and book wrighting , clothing making and no income ,ask ,is this indeed a vocation to ask for.karen 54years old, Amelia 19 yrs and Eleanor 18 20 May 2018
Rachel Kratofil For my relationship with Kevin. 19 May 2018
Alice Robertson Please pray for William That he will be healed of self esteem issues & anger. Will find hope & faith. For his marriage which is in a mess (wife Jacinth), sons Hugh & Ozzie. That he will find work (he’s a carpenter) For his mum with dementia and sibling 18 May 2018
Tanya Continued...and please make sense of everything to me and show me whT you want me to do!Restore me O Lord and I will sing your praises!I will sing them anyway!Send mr love like in Song of Songs so I can burn with passion no more...I love you Jesus 18 May 2018
Tanya Hear me Lord and Sisters!the cry of my heart is this Why O Lord have you not answered me in my distress?I am as an outcast a pariah in my sobriety and life!It is most painful!trying to do the right thing but it’s very hard!please take burden away Lord 18 May 2018
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