Prayer Requests

Pause here in prayer and reflection and light a candle for your own needs and the needs of our world.

Select a candle to view the prayers that have been recently added or submit your own prayer. Please respect this sacred space.

Rita Please pray for health and Helling for my husband Norbert who is seriously ill. May the therapy bei successful and give him time to live. We pray for confidence and Gods grace. Thank you. 22 May 2017
Regina Duer For the protection spiritually and physically of Jane, Alli, and Jan. For the conversion of Garrett, Katie and for the protection, spiritually and physically of Gage. For the health of body soul, and spirit of Roland, Alli, Jan, Mary, Regina, Sebastian, G 22 May 2017
michelle Pray for me to have protection against any evil spirit from my enemies and for me to be protected. Pray for me to financially recover from my loss hopefully by the end of the year. Pray for me to be healthy and ease my stress cause by me believing everyo 22 May 2017
kate Please pray for me for curing from my sickness. Please pray for God's help in my work. 22 May 2017
Ben mansell I pray love abounding in my relationship with Cynthia. I pray her boys Rishon, Nathan and Justin start behaving more and we find a balance in time together. I pray her boys start listening more and showing respect Amen 20 May 2017
Patrick Dear sisters, please pray for me that I may find a job immediately and that I may graduate with magna cum laude honors this June. May God bless you! 20 May 2017
rosetta Please pray for the conversion of Timothy Lobo and for our Lord to help him stop drinking and help him with his depression and to change his heart to stop his angry abusive behaviour. May God have Mercy on him. 19 May 2017
Derek Solomon Please pray for Derek for 9 years Please. He is in Prison. IHS. INRI. Amen 18 May 2017
Alfred Brown Please prayer for Eric McDonald-Pray for his healing. and well-being.Eric suffers mental and emotional problems.Pray Eric will learn happiness and he will be Born-Again!!!Bible say "all things new"Eric needs salvation-All things new!!!!!!!!! 18 May 2017
anet zalk please pray for me I am in a very difficult marriage with someone who refuses to confront the issues.God show me the way and give me strength 17 May 2017
Michael Warren Ceballos Please pray for me to have a change of career immediately and swiftly, please and thank you so much! Praised be Jesus and Mary forever! 17 May 2017
Angie That my daughter will get thru this stressful time. Thank u Jesus 16 May 2017
Jennifer Horzelski Please pray the Lord helps me obtain a job that is financially stable, that I enjoy and what I am supposed to be doing. I'm so miserable, depressed, scared and poor. Lord, please have mercy and end this struggle. Amen. 16 May 2017
Regina Duer URGENT PRAYER for spiritual and physical protection of Jane and for the conversion of Garrett and Katie, but most importantly for the protection of Jane, spiritually and physically. 16 May 2017
Heather and Francis Kerr Please pray for the success and protection of the Bridge 4 Peace team who are going on mission to Israel,18th to 30th May,12 from Australia and 11 from the US.Some Aussies are continuing onto Rome for the CCR 50th Jubilee Mass celebrated by Pope Francis. 16 May 2017
Mathew Sullivan Please pray for the protection, healing and blessing of Peter. He is going through a very challenging time right now and he fears that all is lost. Please pray that Our Lord will help him and assist him to develop true faith and trust in Jesus. May he be granted peace of mind, body, spirit and soul. 15 May 2017
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