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Pause here in prayer and reflection and light a candle for your own needs and the needs of our world.

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cheryl Morini Dear Sisters please pray for my 3 sons. Andrew who has cerebral palsy Michael who is homosexual Damian who is homosexual,,,, as parents we are overwhelmed with grief 22 October 2017
Gordana May the Lord guide Australia in respecting the sacredness of marriage as explicated in the vision of Genesis and Song of Songs. May vulnerable people be strengthened and made whole so that life is respected and honoured. 22 October 2017
Bob Heisdorffer Please pray with me for a strong sense of direction in my life and some open doors. I feel blocked from any kind of vocation or career path. I also pray for some close friendships in my life and if God wills a long-term relationship leading to marriage. 22 October 2017
Maura 1. My sudden, severe depression 2. My struggle with doubting Heaven 3. My fervent prayer to reverse time (which I know would violate the laws of nature) to rebuild my career and family in a way that is guided by God and to fill our lives with relationships 4. My gratitude to God for the many blessings he has given me 22 October 2017
Genny Duer Prayers for tonight that Jane and Alle have a good and peaceful night at the sleep study and that Jane can rest and not feel like she cannot breathe. For Jane's miraculous healing. For the healing of mind, body, soul, and spirit of Alle, Roland, Jan, Mary 21 October 2017
Mel I pray that I may know God's love, healing and forgiveness. God, give me the courage, patience and humility to accept your healing in your way and time, not mine. 19 October 2017
Fr Robin Devassy "I shall give you shepherds after my own heart, who will pasture you wisely and discreetly."( Jer 3:15). Let us unitedly pray for the Holy Spirit - directed election for the new Bishop of Sagar Diocese, India 19 October 2017
Angie Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to visit the Abbey. Was a life changing experience that I will hold close to my heart forever. Thank you Sisters for making us feel so welcome. It is one of the most special places I have been to. Blessed by God. 19 October 2017
A For hurt I am feeling. Please take it away Jesus 19 October 2017
Kathryn Proctor Please keep my niece Danielle in prayer, as she tried to take her own life recently and suffers with a mental health condition. She has an addiction that she needs to own and get help with. God Bless her and all her family who are very concerned. 17 October 2017
ads please lord answer my prayers for a positive call from rd's family, please help this relationship between the 2 familes to grow and become united. please communicate for the 2 familes. 17 October 2017
Mathew Please pray for Rayline. She injured her back 3 years ago trying to lift her father off the floor. After this her legs were paralyzed. Recently her left leg has started to work again.. Please pray that her right leg will now return to normal functioning so she can be blessed with giving birth to a child 15 October 2017
Sister Yvonne Harte Prayer for family reconciliations due to long standing broken relationships. 14 October 2017
Mary Good health and happiness for my family. 13 October 2017
Marlen Blessings! Please pray for blessings for Moises, his family and friends. The girl he loves has realizaed she loves him too but there is a lot of opposition. Thank you very much Jesus Christ! Thank you very much brothers and sisters! God bless you! 13 October 2017
RA My partner M & I heal, learn, forgive are faithful. He & his grown up family etc have a revelation he has the courage & tenacity to choose our relationship & abdicate against their emotional blackmail,& ultimatums & I get into law enforcement this year. 12 October 2017
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