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Maria Llave Please pray I Maria Llave be cancer-free of everything forever,that I be gallbladder disease&cancer-free,high blood pressure-free, cholesterol disease-free,polycystic kidneys&liver diseases-free,gallstones&allgrowths-free & my ancestors, parents, my broth 19 March 2018
Alli Duer Please pray for the following intentions: For my family, for 2 very special, urgent intentions. For my husband's job, and everyone involved. For my children, to get close to God, and to get to know him and love him, and for their vocation. For J, her heal 19 March 2018
Eddie Please pray I get completely out of this trouble without going to jail are prison I haven't hurt anyone are done violence just got myself into trouble I'm very scared for my family and myself I haven't never been in trouble before 19 March 2018
Jonathan Carr Please pray for deliverance for me from unclean spirits that run in my family. 19 March 2018
Anonymous Please pray that I get a divorce from my abusive husband, George John, from the Catholic Church as well as the Court as soon as possible because the Church as well as the Court are delaying my divorce for no real reason. Thanks for praying. 18 March 2018
David Constantiyn Senduk 1) For success of study at uni, so i can graduate within this year with good marks. I am having problems in study. 2) For good soulmate. 3) For a happy life. 4) For parents so they be healthy, happy & lifelong. 5) For Eastern Catholic to grow in Asia. 18 March 2018
Phil Chavez Please Pray...I'm 45 ,Never been in a relationship,been praying for relationships for over 22 years.Please Please Pray GOD sends me (Phil Chavez) life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name 18 March 2018
Grazyna GOD BLESS YOU ! My name is Grazyna , J work like a teacher in the integration school by june. J am looking for new job . Please pray for me and my old , ill parents .J have pain of my red eyes and my eyes water. Optometris and medicine can help me. J feel lonely ..Please help us .THANKS 17 March 2018
Xavier Please pray to Jesus to grant me all the graces needed for my conversion and salvation, especially the grace of final perseverance and a happy death. 17 March 2018
kaylee laming Please pray with me for my vocation. Amen 16 March 2018
Eddie Please pray I get completely out of this trouble without going to jail are prison I haven't hurt anyone are done violence I'm very scared for my family and myself 16 March 2018
Martin Chen Please pray for me so that I can find a new job soon. Thank you and God bless! 16 March 2018
Bernadette Sisters, my friend Lyn came through bowel surgery well. She is now facing Chemotherapy over the next 4-6months & is very frightened & is feeling very flat & very down. I ask for you once again to pray for her. Many Thanks, God Bless you all. 13 March 2018
Angie That my daughter is successful in this interview. Thank you Jesus. 12 March 2018
Bridget Pray for my son Luke that he makes some new good life long friends in High school. We cannot afford private Catholic high school and all his friends went. They are excluding from inviting him places. Please pray that he makes new friends as we are halfway through Freshman year and he still has not been included by new classmates nor his old friends. Pray he makes good new friends at the public high school and that his old friends get past him being at the public school. All prayers for him are appreciated. 12 March 2018
Tanya cat Wanting soulmate asap Gods Word is true and it is better for man not to be alone i dont want butn with passion iove dave tombstone think he is my soulmate but be wants nothing to do with me and is in Thailand with girls,need a miracle there!Thank you love 11 March 2018
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