Praying with the Sacred Scriptures


27 May 2018

Solemnity of The Most Holy Trinity

Sunday, 27 May, is Trinity Sunday, Year B.


20 May 2018

Pentecost Sunday

Sunday, 20 May, is Pentecost Sunday, Year B.


13 May 2018

The Ascension of the Lord

Sunday, 13 May, is the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord, Year B.


6 May 2018

6th Sunday of Easter

Sunday, 6 May, is the 6th Sunday of Easter, Year B.


29 Apr 2018

5th Sunday of Easter

Sunday, 29 April, is the 5th Sunday of Easter, Year B.


22 Apr 2018

4th Sunday of Easter

Sunday, 22 April, is the 4th Sunday of Easter, Year B.


15 Apr 2018

3rd Sunday of Easter

Sunday, 15 April, is the 3rd Sunday of Easter, Year B.


8 Apr 2018

2nd Sunday of Easter

Sunday, 8 April, is the 2nd Sunday of Easter, Year B. It is also Divine Mercy Sunday.


1 Apr 2018

Easter Sunday - The Resurrection of the Lord!

Sunday, 1 April, is Easter Sunday. He Is Risen! Alleluia!


25 Mar 2018

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

Sunday, 25 March, is Palm Sunday. It marks the first day of Holy Week.


~  Everything that lives and that breathes gives praise to the Lord  ~

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