4th International Oblate Congress

18 March 2017 | Current News

4th International Oblate Congress

We are delighted to invite you to the Fourth International Congress for Benedictine Oblates to be held at the Salesianum in Rome from 4 to 10 November 2017. Benedictine oblates and oblate directors from all over the world will gather to discuss, to share, to celebrate, to pray and work together, exploring our Congress theme:


The Congress is aimed at Benedictine oblates and oblate novices whose participation is endorsed by their oblate directors. A special workshop for accompanying oblate directors will be arranged.

The official Congress language is English, with plenum lectures translated into French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. 


Don't wait to register: Each country or region has been assigned its own quota of voting delegates. Once this quota has been filled, additional participants are welcome as non-voting representatives.

~  Everything that lives and that breathes gives praise to the Lord  ~

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